Faith Empowered By Music

Welcome to Trinity Media Ministries, a faith-based organization dedicated to empowering faith through music. Join us as we spread the message of love, hope, and inspiration through our Sunday Sermons in a Song 

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Sunday Sermon in a Song

Music is not just a collection of sounds, but rather a symphony of frequencies that resonate through the universe. It is the language that connects all living beings, transcending boundaries and cultural differences. 

When we truly listen to music, we realize that everything around us is a part of this cosmic song. The rhythm of our heartbeat, the melody of the wind, and the harmonies of nature all form an intricate composition. It is through music that we can learn valuable lessons about life, love, and the human experience. As we embrace music as one collective entity, we unlock its potential to inspire, heal, and bring us closer to the truth of our existence. 

Let us tune in to the melodies of the universe and discover the profound wisdom that lies within its harmonious vibrations,

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Stream2Rebuild Initiative

The Stream2Rebuild Initiative is a platform that supports artists who use their artistic talents to raise funds for communities, especially animals, impacted by natural disasters and extreme poverty. It was established in 2020 as a collaboration between Trinity Media Ministries and Trinity Media Network Center Inc (501c3).

The initiative currently focuses on five regions: The united States of America, Turkey, Syria, Mexico, Africa

Its mission is to provide artists the opportunity to sustain themselves financially while simultaneously making a positive impact on communities in need. 

By creating a currency through their art, these artists can pursue their passion and contribute to rebuilding and supporting vulnerable communities around the world.

Support Stream2Rebuild by listening and sharing music by Stream2Rebuild artists.

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